About me



I’m carlos carmonamedina, the creative force behind The Culture Curious. Currently, I’m taking a sabbatical in Southern France, though my heart and operations remain rooted in Washington DC.

The Culture Curious is a project dedicated to showcasing graphic art and illustration that encourages exploration of lesser-known paths, and connect with diverse cultures with open hearts. As a passionate traveler and artist, I’ve merged my two great loves to bring you a vibrant world of illustrations that explores the intersections of culture, identity, and friendship. I'm so glad you're here!



These values are the foundation of The Culture Curious, which is an extension of my personal beliefs and principles:

I’m always moving. Change is the only constant. Our minds and bodies change in time and space all the time. I notice the changes around me, I embrace their consequences on my art, I adapt.

I keep it simple. Simple colors, simple stories, simple transactions. I constantly declutter the channels so I can communicate better.

Somos familia. Family and chosen family are at the core of the company because I am not alone in the universe. My success is linked to the support from the people that love me and in return, I want to make them proud.